Tales of Hemlock

Every town has its stories and Hemlock is a library.

Trolls graffiti a train under the Punks Bridge. Old dwarves sit in the coffeehouse off of 3rd and Wormwood. A leprechaun gambles away another paycheck hoping this time will be different.

Even the crow that sits on the water tower has a glint of mystery behind its eyes.

Over the next twelve months, explore Hemlock through the eyes of its residents. Experience the polished store fronts, the forgotten country side and the cold street lights that illuminate the town. What may be true for some residents is not true for others, yet Hemlock is encapsulates all the rumors.

The best way to understand any town is by getting to know the people that live in it.

October- The Corn Maze– a spooked, scared skeleton just trying her best

November- Unwelcome Interview– A bunch of dwarves talking about Vietnam over coffee

December- The Dog: Part 1 and Part 2– Christmas? Dogs? A hint of dark magic? What’s not to like? Retail, unfortunately

January- The Meeting– How does a minotaur handle Narcotics Anonymous? About as well as a China shop

February- Valentine– Love bites!

March- The Gamble– Meet Renny O’Reilly: a leprechaun addicted to gambling

April- The Dive– Selkie stories never seem to end right, do they?

May- The Park Worker– Lemming Park’s golem appears to be the perfect employee, but is there more going on behind its hollow eyes?

June- Begonia– In a hole in the ground was a halfling. She wasn’t in a nasty, dirty, wet hole; it was an eco-pod and that meant the latest in green-architecture.

July- Camp Dearly Departed -Taxidermy and necromancy: a match made in…somewhere

August- Fresh Bite: Part 1 and Part 2– A group of delinquent, homeless trolls getting into trouble. What more could you ask for?

September- The Heavens As My Witness- It was a perfectly pleasant day in the park. Except for the body, that is.