Shattered Relics – Grizzly Entertainment

What I did

Project Dates: March 2022- September2022

  • Developed lore, religions, governments, and economies for nine different cultures.
  • Created and maintained lore and world building bibles. Worked with the game producer to establish bible templates.
  • Designed tutorial island quests that prepare the player for gameplay through immersion and humor. Examples include a prank war, street performances for rum, and giant statue battles.
  • Wrote and implemented dialogue for over 50 NPCs with tables.
  • Scripted cinematics down to the second using spreadsheets.
Man turning to look at a board walk, then running across it.
Man running along a dock.
Watch the whole gameplay video here.

Website available here.

Dialogue Examples

Jaima is a tavern owner. Her live talent just quit.

Stage IDDialogueOptionsResponseNext Stage
1Jaima: Where am I supposed to find help at this hour? My other two performers went missing after the bandits started coming around here.
Player: I could helpJaima: Well…we’ve had worse. 2
Player: That’s a shame.Jaima: Hey, you seem drunk and impressionable. How about it?2
2Jaima: What’s your talent?Player: Talent? Uh…Jaima: If you suddenly figure out how to dance or something, come and find me. I’ll be inside by the stage. End
Player: I’m pretty great at drinking rum.Jaima: I’ve got plenty of people with that sort of talent waiting for me inside. Unless you’ve got the coin to back it up, you’re not fooling anyone.End
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