Heaven’s Rejects

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Jersey, half-demon and Supernatural Bureau slack-off, has just been assigned a new partner, an angel and star agent named Constantine. Catch up with their misadventures in the Ren’Py novella, Heaven’s Rejects. Art by Louisse Batuegas. Music by Paolo Lozupone​.

Meet the Main Characters

A non-binary, red-skinned half-demon in slacks, a dress shirt, and a vest. Accompanying text reads "A half-demon with a devil-may-care attitude, Jersey used to be the top agent at the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation until an unfortunate incident changed everything. Now, Jersey has to work with a new partner. Can they get their act together before they lose their job?"
A smiling, brown-skinned angel in a suit. Accompanying text reads
"Constantine is always ready to lend a helpful hand. As the newest member of the Bureau, he's got a lot to prove to his new partner, but he's up for the challenge, right? Is there something more sinister behind that radiant smile?"

What I did

Project Dates: August 2022-September 2022

  • Wrote and implemented five chapters (8,000 words) with multiple choices per chapter impacting character relationships and the story’s ending
  • Programmed visuals, sound effects, transitions, and conditional variables using Atom
  • Created design documents and art specifications to guide the artist and musician

Where to find it

Chapter 1 is available below in both branching form and traditional singular narrative form. The demo is available to play on Itch.io.

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