Game Snapshots

A grumpy half-demon stands next to a smiling angel. The words "Heaven's Rejects" are in front of them.

Heaven’s Rejects: Comedic Detective Visual Novel

Art by Louisse Batuegas. Music by Paolo Lozupone​.

  • Oversaw project production. Programmed transitions, sound effects, and conditional variables
  • Wrote and implemented an 8,000-word branching script with multiple relationship endings based on player choices
  • Created design documents and art specifications to guide the artist and musician

The words "Bitter Roots" are shown. Roots grow through the word Root.

Bitter Roots: MFA Thesis. Horror point-and-click Visual Novel

  • Three major endings each with complex, variable-driven dialogue trees. Over 15,000 words long
  • Writing, art, music, and Ren’Py programming all done independently
  • Two additional routes are in the works

Shattered Relics – Grizzly Entertainment. Open World MMORPG

  • Made in Unreal Engine 5
  • Write and implement branching dialogue in tables ready to plug and play
  • Craft and maintain lore bibles for nine different playable races and their religions, economies, government structures, and cultures
  • Design quests for tutorial island journey to both engage and instruct the player

His Daughter’s Escape – Depraved Fancy. Puzzle Escape Room

  • Made in Unity
  • Write and implement barks and item descriptions in ink
  • Design the player’s journey step-by-step through puzzles and object interactions
  • Craft UI, 2D icon art, and model low-poly 3D Blender assets

Game: simulation-style


Burgurr Blitz: diner simulation

  • Welcome to your Pattywhack Diner orientation. Make sandwiches right the first time, or get fired
  • 31 levels of sandwich assembling with interactive image buttons, sounds, and animation
  • Writing, art, music, and Ren’Py programming all done independently

Monster Quest: walking simulator

  • Play as a horned monster traveling to the dangerous surface
  • Made with Bitsy. Music made using Soundtrap

Collector: walking simulator

  • Explore a charming small world as a crow. Make friends. Collect trash. That’s it
  • Made with Bitsy. Music made using Soundtrap
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