Masters in Fine Arts: Creative Writing

Western Washington University
Bellingham, Washington

Graduation: June 2022

English Graduate Representative
Events Planner, English Graduate Association
Assistant Managing Editor, The Bellingham Review

What I’m learning

  • Practice storytelling, character development, dialogue, and other elements of craft to develop my voice
  • Graciously give and receive feedback
  • Work alongside a brilliant group of creators and academics within a collaborative, supporting environment
  • Receive mentoring from experienced writing professors and mentor incoming students in turn
  • Maintain a rigorous writing routine while also taking classes, interning, and teaching composition

Bachelors: Hospitality Business Management

Washington State University
Everett, Washington (Satellite Campus)

Graduated: May 2017

What I learned

  • Developed a people-first perspective that emphasizes appreciating and leveraging team member’s unique abilities
  • How to differentiate between urgency and importance and structure projects and schedules accordingly
  • Practiced working with teams in almost every class setting

Work Experience and Internships

Assistant Managing Editor, The Bellingham Review

September 2021-June 2022

  • Communicate priorities with an outstanding team of Genre Editors and readers
  • Review mail, process orders, track progress, and ensure deadlines are met
  • Copyedit two issues with high attention to detail
  • Interview past contributors for website publication
  • Determine which pieces out of 700 to pass up to the Editor-in-Chief
  • Read through the slush pile when readers are overwhelmed with submissions
  • Coordinated paperwork and planned a group trip to the AWP conference

Composition Instructor, Western Washington University

September 2020-June 2022

  • Lecture, prepare visual aids, create assignments, design the course space, and build relationship with students
  • Consistently adapt lessons for individual student need
  • Review student work while communicating progress and providing concrete, encouraging feedback

English Graduate Representative, Western Washington University

September 2021-June 2022

  • Familiarize myself with the cohort’s interests through surveys and meetings so I could better assist them in meeting their personal goals throughout the year
  • Track and communicate event information, program deadlines, birthdays, and professionalization opportunities to the cohort through email and Discord
  • Established a Buddy program matching first year and second year students based on common interests
  • Meet with prospective and incoming students through Zoom and answer their questions about the program
  • Meet with the Graduate Director once a month to discuss department events, cohort morale, and professionalization
  • Meet with representatives from other departments every two weeks to coordinate interdepartmental events and discuss advocating for grad students

Events Coordinator, English Graduate Association (EGA)

September 2021-June 2022

  • Created events tailored to fit cohort need, interest, and enjoyment
  • Relayed information about events to the cohort through Discord and faculty through email
  • Hosted open mics, author readings, panels and all other EGA events
  • Set up holiday events like a Valentine’s exchange for the entire cohort
  • Met with the Undergraduate Association and coordinated a panel about applying to graduate school
  • Visited classrooms to pitch events
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