Burgurr Blitz

What I did

  • Wrote the script and customer comments
  • Programmed 31 levels with image buttons and variables using Ren’Py
  • Created over 60 pixel art illustrations using Aseprite
  • Composed the soundtrack through Soundtrap

Game Blurb

Welcome to your Pattywhack Diner orientation! Learn how to make BURGURRS with our special BARK PIG (contains 0% bark and % pig.) 

Play through 31 tickets. Read customer comments, assemble sandwiches to order, and always listen to management no matter how ridiculous the request. You better be a quick learner! One wrong move will send you to the curb.

Rated T for language.

My Experience

This mini-game is a part of my greater thesis. I wrote the transcript, created the pixel art, composed the music, and programmed the game using Ren’Py. It took me one week to put it together from scratch.

I pulled from my personal experience in the restaurant industry to create this simulation. The further the player progresses, the more complicated the orders, the longer the tickets, and the cornier the puns.

You can play it for free here. Full-size the screen in preferences for an optimal play experience.

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