Welcome to Hemlock

Welcome to your official Hemlock city government website.

Despite having almost quadrupled in population over the past two decades, Hemlock is a small town at heart. Our wonderful town is the fastest growing in the county with over 34,000 residents calling our community home. Co-founded by an elf and a dwarf in 1868, Hemlock has always been ahead of its time. What began as a logging town supporting local farmers has blossomed into a diverse, vibrant community. While times have changes, the city’s quaint charm and hospitality endure.

Home to Hemlock State University, our town benefits from a dynamic academic culture. Hemlock State has a world renown Transmutation program and its Cryptoid Biology is one of the nation’s top ten.

While you’re here, remember to grab a coffee at any one of our seven elven coffeehouses. See the historical water tower in Lemming Park or take a nature walk around Kelpie Marsh. Be sure to visit the cathedral by the university and the public library for a trip to the past. Drop by any of our farms to buy homegrown produce. If you’re lucky enough to visit in August, be sure to celebrate the Blackberry festival with us! There’s so much to do in our lovely town!

Thank you for visiting our community. Come again soon!

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