Game Snapshots

A grumpy half-demon stands next to a smiling angel. The words "Heaven's Rejects" are in front of them.

Heaven’s Rejects: Comedic Detective Visual Novel

Art by Louisse Batuegas. Music by Paolo Lozupone​.

  • Oversaw project production. Programmed transitions, sound effects, and conditional variables
  • Wrote and implemented an 8,000-word branching script with multiple relationship endings based on player choices
  • Created design documents and art specifications to guide the artist and musician

The words "Bitter Roots" are shown. Roots grow through the word Root.

Bitter Roots: MFA Thesis. Horror point-and-click Visual Novel

  • Three major endings each with complex, variable-driven dialogue trees. Over 15,000 words long
  • Writing, art, music, and Ren’Py programming all done independently
  • Two additional routes are in the works

Shattered Relics – Grizzly Entertainment. Open World MMORPG

  • Made in Unreal Engine 5
  • Write and implement branching dialogue in tables ready to plug and play
  • Craft and maintain lore bibles for nine different playable races and their religions, economies, government structures, and cultures
  • Design quests for tutorial island journey to both engage and instruct the player

His Daughter’s Escape – Depraved Fancy. Puzzle Escape Room

  • Made in Unity
  • Write and implement barks and item descriptions in ink
  • Design the player’s journey step-by-step through puzzles and object interactions
  • Craft UI, 2D icon art, and model low-poly 3D Blender assets

Game: simulation-style


Burgurr Blitz: diner simulation

  • Welcome to your Pattywhack Diner orientation. Make sandwiches right the first time, or get fired
  • 31 levels of sandwich assembling with interactive image buttons, sounds, and animation
  • Writing, art, music, and Ren’Py programming all done independently

Monster Quest: walking simulator

  • Play as a horned monster traveling to the dangerous surface
  • Made with Bitsy. Music made using Soundtrap

Collector: walking simulator

  • Explore a charming small world as a crow. Make friends. Collect trash. That’s it
  • Made with Bitsy. Music made using Soundtrap

Work in Literary Magazines and Anthologies

Bagel’s Blessing

  • Feel good ghost story
  • A woman is haunted by her deceased cat
  • Published in The Hallowzine on page 121

Clock Rate 93.75

like other girls, Snarl (teen rom-com) In which the girl gets something better than the boy: revenge — Winner of Snarl’s 2022 Prose Contest (forthcoming Fall 2022)

WonderYears Incorporated has no comment, Dark Matter Magazine (sci-fi horror) — android housewives trapped in a facility (forthcoming November 2022)

Lab Rats, Ghost City Review — a micro-chapbook about OCD and mice (July 2022)

Barkin’ Up The Right Tree, Dark Recesses (humor) — satire food review about a diner serving meat from trees (Vol. 6 – Issue 15, April 2022) (available for purchase)

Story Patch, On the Run (magical realism)— a story is harvested from a graveyard (January 2022)

The oil and gas industry wrote this, Sheepshead — PowerPoint poem set to piano (April 2022)

I was 26, Sheepshead — poetry video about OCD and driving (April 2022)

Metamorphosis, Sheepshead — choose-you-own-adventure style love poem made with Twine (April 2022)

AITA, The Disappointed Housewife (hybrid fiction) — essay in the form of Reddit posts —Pushcart nominated (June 2021)

When ghosts are silent, Jeopardy (literary nonfiction) — essay about writing stories (March 2021)

From Dad, Infinity’s Kitchen (blackout poetry) — video set to music (starts at 19:30) (September 2021)

The Great Tomato Bisque Adventure, It’s Time to Snuggle Up (children’s adventure) — Ace pilot Lady and her co-pilot dog, Cosmo, encounter a parmesan storm while flying a biplane (2021) (available for purchase)

Lawn and Ornament, Sci-fi Lampoon (humor) — detectives investigate a garden gnome smashing (2021) (available for purchase)

Pushing up Daisies, 100 Ways to Die (horror)— a drabble about internal vines (2021) (available for purchase)

Plutonic Burgeoning, The Deep (horror) — a drabble about interdimensional whales (2021) (available for purchase)

Self-Published Work

Tales Of Hemlock Series

Every town has its stories and Hemlock is a library.

Trolls graffiti a train under the Punks Bridge. Old dwarves sit in the coffeehouse off of 3rd and Wormwood. A leprechaun gambles away another paycheck hoping this time will be different. Even the crow that sits on the water tower has a glint of mystery behind its eyes.

Over the next twelve months, explore Hemlock through the eyes of its residents. Experience the polished store fronts, the forgotten countryside and the cold streetlights that illuminate the town. What may be true for some residents is not true for others, yet Hemlock is encapsulates all the rumors.

Short Stand Alone Fiction

The fairy with a plastic wand (Mar. 30, 2020)

Speak Easy to the New Decade (January 1, 2020)


Hey White Americans Part I (June 2nd, 2020) and Part II (June 11, 2020)

One Handful at a Time: Reflections on Daily Writing (May 2, 2020)

What to do when the sky is falling (Mar. 4, 2020)

When it’s Okay for Dreams to Die: A Journey through “It’s a Wonderful Life” (Dec. 26, 2019)

How to Wreck Your Life: DIY Toxic Cesspool (Aug. 1, 2019)

Be Unproductive: Taking a Hard Corner After Burnout (July 31, 2019)

Wave Hello to my Inner Impostor (June 29, 2019)

The Unlikely Relationship Between Perfectionism and Procrastination (Apr. 28, 2019)

Setting the Bar Low: How to Make Lifelong Goals You Might Actually Accomplish (Mar. 1, 2019)

Taking a Break From Doing What You Love (Feb. 1, 2019)

Checkpoints and Where We Went Wrong (Nov. 17, 2018)